Sherry Thomas


C21 Boling & Associates, Inc.

7722 N. Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Sherry Thomas relocated to the Grand Strand after living and working in Florida for twenty-two years. She thinks the beaches here and all the area’s offerings make it one of the greatest areas in the mid to eastern US. In Florida, Sherry was a mom first, then a TV producer for Generals Norman Schwarzkopf (“Stormin’ Norman” of the Persian Gulf War) and Alexander Haig (Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan). Following her stint as show writer and producer, she founded Palm Beach Etiquette where she appeared regularly on CBS and NBC television, and wrote for numerous magazines and newspapers highlighting basic protocol, focusing on manners, body language, public speaking, and presentation skills. She worked (and continues to do so) with corporations, celebrities, athletes, and children in the field of business and personal etiquette, personal development, and career transitioning. Her curriculum has reached thousands of people over the span of thirteen years.


In addition, Sherry has worked in college textbook publishing in the field of statistics for years and is grateful for a job that provides her incredible flexibility and affords her the opportunity to travel and liaise with some of the world’s brightest statistician minds who hail from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and the like. She likes to say that while she works nonstop, she believes that when you stop challenging yourself, your body and mind go limp . . . and who wants that?


Sherry is a former actress and model and spent her formative years in New York City honing her craft, appearing in television commercials, soap operas, and on off-off Broadway. She was first runner-up to Miss SC in a year she refuses to divulge and enjoys judging pageants to this day.


She is the proud mother of two sons who live in NYC, loves her native SC, and moved back to be closer to her aging parents in Greenwood. After graduating Clemson University, she moved to Wash. DC, NYC, Philadelphia, the island of Dominica, Miami, and subsequently Boca Raton, Florida.


Sherry has always loved beautiful homes and sales and says that real estate forms the perfect marriage. Her mantra is: "If you don't love it, neither do I!" She is ready, willing, and able to sell your present home and . . .  assist you in finding your next one!